Hilarious redneck humor! In this funny country song parody you’ll learn that country folks don’t need fancy frilly things like pants, or neighbors with different names. Recorded live at Carolines Comedy Club in New York, NY. Get more funny songs at http://www.selectedhilarity.com

happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Glen Pridgen 1 year ago

    Funny stuff. Wish we had more from these guys.

  • ObscurityIsBest 1 year ago

    I love coming back to this and still finding it hilarious!

  • HereIamWhatNow 1 year ago

    Nine years later and this still cracks me up so hard!!!

  • Bomb Diggity 1 year ago

    Love it! Awesome content! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.

  • Pork Mitchell 1 year ago

    Amazing stuff….If you like crazy comedy check out my channel!

  • Dhaos620 1 year ago

    We don't play nintendo! SEGAAA!!! lol

  • Kendra .M.Specht 1 year ago

    soooo hallarius

  • HereIamWhatNow 1 year ago

    Saw this a couple years back, still makes me laugh, haha. Funny stuff.

  • Stormy Taylor 1 year ago


  • Ace Diamond 1 year ago

    Good funky stuff..Let's hear more!

  • rickysrejects 1 year ago

    moma laughed so hard she bout swallered her teeth.

  • erickpoint0 1 year ago

    @prowrestlingfan1994 yeah me too

  • Chris Hope 1 year ago

    anyone other than me notice the WWF hat on his head, that shits old as hell

  • Danny Maness 1 year ago


  • erickpoint0 1 year ago

    @AnimalLover1977 lol yeah i noticed that too.

  • leftynelsoncomic 1 year ago

    Yehaw Beauregard 🙂

  • Ed Hughes 1 year ago

    @zackster89 sux

  • Ed Hughes 1 year ago

    fuck u

  • jeffreyhunter14 1 year ago

    @zackster89 Thats funny cuz he would be worshiped in mine!

  • Gabriel Omar 1 year ago

    i hope u neverleave usa or your ass wil get kicked